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Electronics for optical applications

Embedded MCU-FPGA board with attached OnSemi image sensor board

Embedded MCU-FPGA board with attached OnSemi image sensor board. ©A. Wuttig/Codion Optics

Complementing the development of optical systems, we are capable of developing electronics needed to operate these systems with the necessary performance characteristics and within the required space consumption budgets. Accomplished tasks include the following:

  • Image Sensing, including sensor cooling for high sensitivity applications such as Raman Spectrometry
  • Illumination (Laser Diodes, LEDs, ...)
  • Communication (USB, WiFi, Bluetooth/LE, ...)
  • Power Management for mobile applications
  • Embedded image and data processing

Image Sensors and the Codion FPGA platform

As many of our applications incorporate image sensors, may it be for metering, imaging, or spectral sensing, we put special focus on this aspect. Based on our own MCU/FPGA platform and according IP for sensor readout, we are able to equip our devices with high-end CMOS image sensors without compromising on the overall goals.

Your Benefit

To fit your application, customer-specific hardware adaptions of our platform electronics and FPGA-IP can be made and the results can be licensed with flexible options. Additionally, we are working to make selected parts of our hardware available for purchase as a modular system of off-the-shelf components in the future.