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Optics. Electronics. System Solutions.

Design and Development Services for your Product


Optical System Design

We design, optimize and simulate optical and opto-mechanical systems for your requirements. Comprehensive experiences exist particularly with respect to the design of spectral sensors, but also of imaging optics, scanning systems, and systems for special measurement tasks.

Prototype Development

On request, designs will be developed to the prototype level and tested.

Method Development

Contact us regarding your measurement problem. As a Spin-Off of the Leibnitz ipht we have the necessary background to work out photonics based measurment approaches and according data analysis algorithms in a several application fields.

Product Realization

Codion Optics supports you in transferring the developed designs and prototypes into products. For production processes which you don't cover in-house, we will speak with manufacturers and coordinate the supply chain. Optionally, you can purchase components through us.

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About Codion Optics


Codion Optics was founded 2012 as a Spin-Off of the Leibnitz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena (ipht) with the primary purpose of further development and marketing of innovative Spectrometer concepts of the ipht. Today Codion Optics is engaged in the development of optical devices and components on a wider scale. Besides the implementation of completely new approaches for miniaturized spectral sensors and their complementation with portable electronics, this includes, for instance, the development of imaging systems, the creation and implementation of new optics-based measurement approaches, or the creation of software and algorithms for optical system design and simulation.

In application fields, which can be separated from its own product strategy, Codion Optics provides its expertise to third parties as a contract developer. In this activities, Codion Optics can rely on experiences regarding the development of spectral snsors and other optical systems for instance in the fields of process analytics, bio analytics and civil space applications. These are dating back to the year of 1999.


Imaging optical systems

Development of Objective Lenses, scanning arrangements and other imaging units


Spectral Sensing

Long history of developing spectral sensors with advanced properties and high performance


Electronics and Software

Sensor elektronics with FPGAs, Micro controllers and various connectivity options


Physical Optical Modelling

Wave and ray optical modelling on the system level using commercial and proprietary software.