Spectral Sensing

We develop spectral sensors appropriate for your task

Codion Optics was spun off of a working group of the Leibniz ipht, which primarily concentrated on special concepts for spectral sensors for around 20 years. This work focused on aspects such as miniaturization, high resolution, high sensitivity, parallel measurement of multiple spectra, or improved scattered light properties. Based on the experiences collected there, new specral sensor developments are also a main working area of Codion Optics.

Our key competences regarding spectral sensors

Closeup of Raman Spectromter Prototype

Closeup of an early Raman Spectrometer Prototype; Image © A. Wuttig/Codion Optics


  • Classical dispersive spectrometers (Concave grating, Czerny-Turner, ...)
  • Double Array Spectrometers with high spectral resolution through subpixel analysis and multi focus effect
  • Task specific spektrometers with coded entrance slit arrays
  • Miniaturized Echelle Spectrometers
  • Spektral sensors with non-regular grating geometries

Key properties:

  • Highest degrees of miniaturization
  • Mobile high performance and high resolution systems
  • Spectral ranges from UV to IR
  • Designs with extraordinarily low light scattering
  • Robustness

Application areas:

  • Absorption spectrometry
  • Raman and LIBS spectroscopy
  • Color analytics